Corked Candles are handcrafted in Dallas, Ga, a suburb just north of Atlanta.  Each candle is made using a repurposed wine bottle collected from family and friends.  They come in many different scents and your choice between a green or clear wine bottle.  Corked Candles each come with a cork lid to extinguish the flame so that you have a beautifully crafted corked wine bottle.  All our candles are made using 100% soy wax so they burn longer and clean.  We  custom blend each scent using body safe fragrance and essential oils to ensure they are safe for you as well as the environment.  Parrafin candles that are mass produced at a very low cost are made from petroleum which is designed to burn quickly and puts toxins in the air.  Corked Candles are so safe that you can even use the melted wax as a hand moisturizer.  

Corked Candles were inspired by our favorite wines and time spent with friends and family. We hope you try our candles and see for yourself how amazing they are. LINK


Erica & Sabrina


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